Finding Farms

One of the first steps in connecting with farms is finding the farms. In Louisiana and beyond we have great tools to help you connect to local growers and producers. Select one of the food items below to find a list of farms in Louisiana selling that product.



Additional Methods to Connect with Farms

CLEDA Fresh Central: a community resource for both consumers and growers alike that aims to help anyone seeking information about local food growers and producers in Central Louisiana.

LSU AgCenter's Market Maker: Includes farms, ranches, fisheries, and other producers in Louisiana.

LSU AgCenter Cooperative Extension
USDA Farm Service Agency
Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
Farmers Markets: Visit your local farmers market and connect with the farmers selling there. Strike up a conversation to better understand what capacity their growing operation is and whether they are interested in working with you to plant crops for your program. 
Food Hubs:  Food Hubs, as aggregators of local products, know farmers. Reach out to them and ask for their advice and let them know your interest in working with local growers.
Producer Associations: Associations represent a specific industry. If you are looking for a specific product like sweet potatoes or strawberries, touch base with these industries and let them know you want to work with them for your school district.