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Workshop: Sustainable Row Crop Irrigation Management

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The LSU AgCenter will collaborate with the NRCS, Southern University, and other agricultural professionals in addressing sustainable row crop irrigation in Louisiana. We focus on collaboration among Limited Resource Farmers (LRF) in row-crop production, extension agents, NRCS personnel, and professional crop consultants to strengthen existing networks and expertise of producers. The objective is to develop a comprehensive training program for LRF to address the resource concerns of agricultural crop production. The training program materials will introduce sustainable irrigation practices and production methods focused on irrigation timing, quantity, quality, and related economics to LRF. The project is also aimed at providing opportunities for professional development, in-depth instruction, and interactive learning environment for the trainees through workshops, field days, and farmer panels. Extension publications, materials developed at land grant universities, and SARE bulletins on the topic will also be circulated during workshops and field days. All materials will be made available on the LSU AgCenter website for future reference. Hands on training on irrigation technologies and multimedia training of an economic tool to evaluate the net profitability of irrigation management practices will be provided. All trainees will become well-versed with the benefits of sustainable irrigation management practices, and will be able to educate and conduct more trainings and workshops to promote the benefits of such practices across the southern region.